The musical concept of Blue Planet Music is the result of long researched and developed studies of music and sounddesign, combined with always updating techniques and production processes.

Our number one priority is to hand craft the individual musical style and sound of our music so that the creative product is well preserved. Blue Planet Music stands for aesthetic and atmospheric compositions and sounddesign, with clear structures, sensibility and fantasy.

Our Musical Working directions

The production from Blue Planet Music can be divided up into five different working groups.

1. Film and media music

2. Music advertising

3. Instrumental productions

4. Songs / Lyrics / Studio projects

5. Compositions and arrangements under contract

Should you have an interest in any of these or similar categories, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to assist you and help create the suitable musical product for you, or find it for you in our large archive files.

Music production in Studio - what is that?

The basis for today's studio productions is the quality of computers, which are set up with special production program software. We call this system Digital Audio Workstations, or DAW. This is the basis for all forms of music recording and all of their interactive requirements. Not only does DAW file and save for sound achieves and instrumental libraries (plugin instruments), but also it is the main system for filmmusic synchronization, soundoptimizing, mixing and mastering. In other words: What used to be produced over a chain of inner connected hardware machines, today is done with the central and interactive system from DAW.

From Recording to Mastering

Dependent from gender or theme of a music title, or the scene of planned film music, we first look for a style of instrumentation. For that we have three categories to choose from:

1. Natural instruments and vocals
(microphone recordings /audio)

2. Electronic hardware
( electronic sound synthesis / Midi - Audio)

3. Plug-in instruments
(library VST instruments / Midi - Audio)

Usually our productions begin with the creation of an arrangment on MIDI level (MIDI - Musical International Digital Interface). What's the advantage of MIDI? All the parameters of MIDI are flexible and easy to change. Sound, tempo, length, instrument arranging can be temporarily set up. The next phase is determining the musical structure through the audio level. In this phase all the necessary instruments in all their different functions will be recorded on separate tracks. After the multi track recording, begins the work on each sound from the individual instruments. This work phase of separately soundoptimizing is important for the final quality in mixing the entire arrangement.

This seperate working method on every track (EQ / Compression / Effects / Emulations) from our vast experience, prepares a good transparency for a quality sound mix. This mix gives the title a musical "face" being the technical translation of a musical idea.

In the final mastering process, the production receives a fine tuned sound dynamics from special tools (Multibandcompression / Limiting / Clipping), that give it a persuading balance of total sound and dynamics. Here we hold our musical standard to the Pleasurize Music Foundation, an international initiative for tasteful loudness results in dynamics and loudness by mastering. We have joined this world wide initiative and use the Dynamic Range Logo, as a sign of natural dynamic quality on all our products.

Summary of our production process

1. Composing a MIDI arrangement
2. Audio multi track recording
3. Separate track optimizing
4. Mixing
5. Mastering

Studio Equipment

Hardware gear and instuments:

Audio Zapp / Tascam / Lexicon / Yamaha / Roland / Korg

Software and VST instruments: Steinberg / VSL Vienna Symphonic Library / Drum Core / Wizoo / IK Multimedia / SPL / Native Instruments

Blue Planet Music Commercials

Category Film music and TV: Background music / Title music / Trailer / SMPTE filmmusic synchronization / Sound logos
Category Promotion Music: Music products for commercial use and promotion are distributed and published internationally by INTERSOUND - MÜNCHEN

All copy rights reserved.
Blue Planet Music is a member of GEMA, GVL and Composers Club e.V..